LI-EX illuminates "Stachus" in Munich Germany

LI-EX illuminates the access stairs to the Underground of Stachus passages - Karlsplatz in Munich. Stachus shines in a new light.

LED Handrail lighting and Glass backlight

The lighting of the handrails in the stairways, and the glass backlight in the stair and entrance areas were realized by LI-EX with the latest LED - technology.

The challenge with the glas backlighting was, to create in spite of the small distance between the wall and glass, a homogeneous brightness over several meters with no visible points of light. To implement the requirements and to realize them, LI-EX profiles with IP54 protection class, equipped with 15,000 cold-white high power LEDs from Osram Golden Dragon Plus OS Regensburg were used.

The point of the stair lighting was, to realize the illumination by handrail only. The entire step should be brightly illuminated. In addition, the stair lights should also serve as emergency lighting, which is powered by a battery during a power failure.

For the total length of 700 meters handrail, taking all the requirements into account, the LI-EX LED Linear System was used, with protection class IP67, and 50,000 warm-white TopLEDs.

Modern light, Economical and Secure

The project started in June 2010 and ended in May 2011.
All three aspects could be optimally combined with each other. A stairway with a handrail length of 18 m, is completely illuminated with only 100 watts. Thanks to the economical LED lighting. In addition, the modern light does not dazzle, and still meets the rules and requirements of security lighting.

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